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An upcoming hip-hop artist under the mob entertainment stable & holds the ability to fuse hip-hop with other different musical genres & also got another stronghold in song-writing.

My passion of music grew when i started showing interest in certain performances at high school & at church thus that's were my style of art came from. I'm gaining experience day by day in the music circles by making demo tracks , featuring on other artist's projects & also publicizing my songs through the internet. I'm anticipating to work with many more other artists worldwide & to also work on a number of projects individually or feature on any compilations, mix tapes & albums to help me elevate in this industry. The great confidence & resilience i have in my self will make me gain power , respect & be appreciated among other musicians.

Mob-figgaz is the rap duo of brothers Mobg and Mobx which was formed in Southerton in the year 2002, we grew up in a musical family which we were exposed to music at a young age. The 1st record I owned was Michael Jacksons Bad LP on vinyl said Mobx. Our mother was a collector of classic old music in vinyls from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Ray Charles and local Zim music from Biggie Tembo, Bhundu Boys, James Chimombe the list is endless.

Our older sister introduced us to Soul and Rnb. With so much exposure to Rnb we discovered hip-hop and we just fell in love with it. The freedom of expression, the hard lyrics, the style and culture just hypnotised us.

We are from the era of the West coast and East coast beef, the golden era of hip-hop. That influences the way we make our music, drawing inspiration from hip-hop legends like Tupac, B.I.G, Dr Dre, Wu-tang, DMX , JAYZ, Nas the list is endless. We believe that  for you to be a rapper you have to be a fan of the culture 1st. Hip-hop has 5 elements that’s MCing, bboy,graffiti, fashion and DJing.

So besides being just rapper Mobg is a graphic Designer, co owner of MobEnt and H.N.I.C  of Mob Ent.

On the other hand MobX is a producer and co owner of MobEnt. Since 2007 the year we started our label we have 14 projects out, we have made careers and we have had ups and downs but still we stand cause Only One Family Stays On Top Forever.

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