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You don’t necessarily need to be hip-hop to fall in love with this particular track, just be a fan of great music.You need to be a lover and not a fighter, if you are to add this jam to your playlist.Good heavens, I got the favour to review this -Iam talking Mob X feat Sister Flame – Real Love.

To begin with,the beat deserves a hall of fame induction.Whoever made it is an excellent beat craftman.If you are a hip-hop day-one you can feel the Dr Dre vibe on it. Oh yeah, Iam talking about Carlifonia Love. The beatsmith mixed other ochestral arrangements to make the song sound something new.In a recent interview he did with StarFm the rapper Mob X revealed that as of his sounds, he want to bring the old school in the new school. Well, it’s the early 90’s meet the Y2K sound.


Now moving on to the part everyone has been falling in love, the chorus just got the whole media buzzing.Wait, Sister Flame is back?And when did you hear her on the booth?What a voice!Is that her own version of Mary J.Blidge’s Real Love?With all due respect that’s heavenly, and it’s been long since we had something like that in ZimHipHop.Matter of fact,there has been none like that.

Now, what is she saying that lures our attention? She loves someone who will love her for who she is, and out of passion the songstress is expressing her gratitude to the man above, “Thank God I found some real love”.She is pouring her heart out, with undertones of affection.Who can reject such an amazing and powerful RnB voice?Nobody, and judging from this chorus of the song, Sister Flame is back to make history again.


And on to the rap,I have never heard a lot of that lately in our local scenes. Authentic, relatable and completely no fantasy , my observations.As hip-hop fans we are used to hear rappers talking about buying their loved ones the whole world, unfortunately Mob is not like that.The King of Bantu,as he crowns himself, goes honest on the track .The whole three Straight Up Cypherical verses, a lot like Follow The Leader, has a psalmist effect and shows a great deal of poetry.Chagrin of his pride, any person who likes hip-hop will be physically compelled to stop at whatever he is doing so as to attention. Honestly, rap is not always this polite to women.


X took us through three verses proving that he is a real lover and a perfect match of what Sister Flame is looking for. You can not deny that X is a street personality, literally known as a hustler,after lines like this, ‘Ndichamurder ndichipanda hope handiitire muzanda”.This is an expression of deep sacrifice,the Malcon X type of by any means necessary.From lines like ,’Paka.masteady Iam your dad”, to the vows every girl desires ,”..handikutizise uri ten dzinotsika”,in reference to cattle paid as lobola,the verses are just proper and practical. This is the kind of a song needed at the moment in a world where boys are painted as “players” and ladies as “not loyal “.


And fans probably can not go wrong with such a great song.Giving your fans good music is the best way they get their days off to a good start.This track really has a valentine aura around it, and thank Mob, it was released on Valentine’Day too – coincidence.Anyway, if you are carried away by this single, do not forget that we still got a lot to enjoy.The rapper is releasing an album this coming winter tittled Central African Time, – oh yeah it leaves a lot to be desired ,just keep your ears open to the proverbial streets. And if you love this track, continue to vote for it on our local radio charts.

3rd World- MobX ft Yung G

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3rd world is the second single to Mobx debut EP C A T Central Africa Time.

It features Yung G a talented rapper/artist from the growing town of Bindura. On This track X talks about the realities, experiences and situations in 3rd world countries. From corruption, politics and religion, X touches sensitive issues which most 3rd world rappers never dare to touch.


He starts the second verse with the lines “Prophet and politicians, leaders abuse positions/street filled with poison, the poor playing the victim/System failed my sisters, p***y their prime hustle……/”You will most definitely relate to the stories and situations if u live in a 3rd world country.


The song starts off with a Bob Marley interview which he talks about being a Rasta. The first verse is in venerc and X portrays a picture of a washed out rapper stranded in the ghetto addicted to substances reminiscing about the past. Yung G is on the hook which he executed in Jamaican and dancehall accent. The beat is something you never heard with African drums and congas, combined with hard synths. It’s definitely something else. Credit goes to Vito who is a beast on beats you can clearly tell that this producer is a cut above the rest and he knows his thing.


3rd world which is set to be released digitally on the 18th of April the independence day of Zimbabwe. It will give you some food for thought. It’s not your usual hip-hop song. MobX truly defines the term RAP which means Rebel Art Poetry.


For latest updates on CAT Central Africa Time like our page mob - figgaz on facebook or follow us on twitter @mobxthedon or @mobfiggazmafika


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MobXTheDon one half of mob-figgaz is going solo for the first time in 10 years on a EP titled Central Africa Time.

Rapping alongside his brother MobG for the past 10 years , X has decided to flip the script and give a side he has never offered. Central Africa Time is an EP which speaks about growing up in the toughest time zone, the day to day of a person in a 3rd world country.


The majority of hip-hop coming out of Zimbabwe reflects nothing on the society. CAT has that edge that Rebel Art Poetry that drives hip-hop with honesty hard hitting lyrics full of fresh and original beats.Central Africa Time is something 'mos def' to look forward to. We started recording CAT on the 1st of December 2015, it was supposed to be released on the 29th of February 2016 but we failed to meet the date. CATs official single Real love featuring Sister Flame produced by Vito, Cutty Beats and MobX was released on Valentines day went on to be a huge success making it in the Power Fm daily top ten chart show peaking at number 4 and is currently on the future hits on Star FM and Zifm. Dates when the EP is dropping are not yet official but its mos def within the 1st half of the year. The reason of the delays and features on the projects will be on CAT UPDATE 2 hopefully the track listing and the EP will be done.

DonKing AfterMath

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The grind never sleeps, halfway through 2015 - The DonKing MixTape (AfterMath)

Since we released DK MixTape we just been trying to keep & get our names out there, from launching the MixTape on our home ground (Southerton) @ClubRed32 to a ZBC Tv Interveiw on Zim HipHop Report Show & now getting Radio Play on Local Radio Stations on some of our new material & not forgetting hosting a couple of shows around our neighborhood - Southerton .

After launching our mix tape, we prioritized performances mostly with the aim of pushing DonKing & making some appearances at some local hip-hop shows around the city like Changamire Hip-hop Festival & Can You Kick It to network with other artists & distribute DK copies for free. One of our friend & fellow Rapper - Savage finally released his album Jungle Fever & at the launch we performed a couple of DonKing tracks & also distributed a number of DK CDs for free. To gain exposure & communicate with the public & our fan base, we started an initiative called Burger Weekend which happened every weekend on our block whereby we sell Burgers & Sausages & give out free DonKing Cds.

We even brought back the Marathon Mic Session - Friday Nite Live in Southerton @ClubRed32 & it went down for Two Friday Nights in a row but we had to cancel it due to creative differences with the Club & Venue owner.

We teamed up again with one of our colleague - Zarzu to host the 1st ever Mob-Figgaz Block Concert in our neighborhood Southerton, were we had an Open Mic Session with local fans & other fellow artists like Vito, Cuttybeats, Slay Yung & Ulenni.

Don King MixTape Launch

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Saturday 21 March 2015 is marked on the MobEnt calender as the day Mob-Figgaz launches the Don King Mixtape.

Don King was officially released on 9 March 2015 & its available for free to the public & tracks are being uploaded weekly online for all those who can not get hard copies through out the world. The Launch will be held @Red32SouthertonNiteClub from 3pm till late & Mob-Figgaz will be performing back to back with fellow Rapper & studio mate - Slay Yung alongside Ocean4, Vito, K Young, FireStarter & many more.

Since the release, Don King is has received good responses from audiences who have listened to this Mixtape, Zim Hip-Hop Reporter - Prometheus said "THIS COULD BE THE DOPEST MIXTAPE OUT SO FAR THIS YEAR" & after the Online release of Makasa featuring Gze & Free, Mob-Figgaz had an enormous improvement in the Reverbnation Hip-Hop Charts, Currently sitting on the 3rd position locally & 5th position internationally.

Mob-figgaz will also be on ZBC TV Live On Saturday 21 March 2015 from 9:30am for an interview on The Zim Hip-Hop Report Show with Prometheus (Don't 4get To Tune In).

Follow us on twitter for more [email protected]

@mobxthedon Or Visit

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DonKing MixTape

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@mobfiggazmafika @mobxthedon ‪#‎DonKingMixtapeCoverArt‬, On tha cover is our Father - The Late Castone Mafika, will always Love & Miss you Dad, we dedicate this one 2 u 2.

DonKing Mixtape is made up of 15 tracks & 1 bonus track Its a journey filled with emotional attributions, self-diliverance & above it all we talk about our experiences & how we are surviving as Zimbabweans. It features a number of great Zimbabwean artists from the likes of Gze, Freezer, Cuttybeats, Slay Yung, Ocean4 ( SgtGhatta, SilliBoi, CharlieWayne), Savage, i-ratty, Jay Mashaire, Avry, Starter. Since some of the best Hip-Hop classics are made up of samples, we took the liberty of sampling some of the best music that inspire us as artists. We handled most productions but also expect co-productions from Nickbwai, KronikBoi & WarrenH. DonKing comes out as our 6th studio project & 3rd mixtape. It will be available for free digitally & we will be announcing places were you can get free hard copies soon. Glory be to God & Big thank you 2 everyone whose been supporting us since day one & all the Artists who made appearances on this sequel ‪#‎MuchLove‬ ‪#‎DK‬ & remember Only One Family Stays On Top 4eva. #We Are MobEnt (LaFamilia)

Tremma Is Back

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The vernacular Junta – Tremma Is Back in the studio, HakunaMatata Featuring Gze its his 1st solo record to be released this year.

After months of being M.I.A , Tremma is back & his latest sequel – HakuMatata Featuring GZE Is Now Available For free downloading, In a brief interview with Tremma, he confirmed that this is the 1st of many tracks to expect from him this year , his not working on any projects but his just going to be featuring on some tracks & releasing singles.

So expect more from Tremma cause his back & I don’t think his going any were any time soon.

Ghetto Yuts - ;Mob-Figgaz Featuring Savage & Vybez Cartel

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The third Mob-figgaz track Ghetto Yuts - from their Up-Coming Mixtape Don King Is Now Available For Free Downloading on their Reverbnation page.

Ghetto Yuts Features Savage & a sample from Incarcerated Ragga Artist Vybez Cartel, It was up loaded some few weeks ago & it’s the 1st joint Mob-figgaz record to be released this year apart from their solo contributions – New Rules & Shinning Star. Expect all these tracks on the Mob-Figgaz up coming Mixtape DonKing, Release Dates to be announced.

This track has also been made available to the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes being hosted by Mack Wilds, So Please Vote For It To make it on this Edition.

Gogoi - Slay Yung Featuring Young Red & Tremma

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The Radio Single From Slay Yung’s Magical Movement Mixtape Is Now Available.


The download link was released on Slay Yung’s Reverbnation Page 2weeks ago, After the removal of the free download link you can now find Gogoi on itunes for only $1,29c Or get it on Amazon for only 89c, there is also another download link on Though Gogoi was sent to some Local radio stations in Zimbabwe, its not receiving any air play yet.


It’s being received well by the public, some have even came up to say that this is Slay Yung’s dopest record ever, It also marks Tremma’s come back to the music industry after months of missing in action due to personal responsibilities.


It was also submitted to the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Hosted by Tinashe & though it made it In the Top 100 trending tracks & The Making Moves Edition, it failed to make it on the actual Mixtape Hosted By Tinashe.

On the chorus of the track there is a local based artist called Young Red who’s also responsible of all the harmonies done on this record & As we push closer to the release date of The Magical Movement Mixtape , you can chew on this & stay tuned for more details on The Magical Movement Mixtape.


Mob La Familia 2012

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The 2nd Mob La Familia MixTape Was Released In 2012, Unlike The 1st One, We Had Gained More Experience & We Had Discovered The Sound That Defined The Kinda Music We Wanted The Public To Hear From Us, As Usual We Had A Good Team That Was Made Up Of - Mob-figgaz, Stephanie Maiden, Tremma, Taffy Chicoty & Jay. Together we were The Mob La famila Team Of 2012 & On The Mixtape We Had Different Features Like Ghatta, Pimpin & The Beatz Freakz version Of Harare Hustler Featuring Cashbid, Kingsonmac, Warpath & Cde Bishop, They Were Also Ragga Artists - Radikal & Stater. We Also Paid Tribute 2 Whitney Houston On A Track Featuring Twista & Not Forgetting A Beat Production From Jae Mac, Made This Project What It Is Rightnow.


We Archived Alot from this project & we performed alot after its release, It was available for sale & During Its 1st week of Release It Sold more than 50 copies. The Mob La Familia Mixtape Proved we were not amateurs in this game & Though we parted ways with some of the guys, It Takes Nothing Away From It & We ve could Do It Again , We Would Enjoy The Experience.